Project and

Real Estate Management


Project Management
With our team of experienced DVP-certified professionals, we ensure that your construction projects are not only completed on time but also within budget. Our approach is based on established standards, with a particular focus on integrating the guidelines of AHO Heft 9 into our comprehensive risk management approach.

Project Control
Our construction project control team takes on essential tasks to streamline project flow, ensure quality, control costs, and adhere to the schedule.

Cost Management
Our expertise in construction cost management ensures accurate control over all financial aspects of your project. We analyze and calculate maintenance and modernization costs, providing comprehensive support through detailed cost benchmarks, including technical building equipment.

Deficiency Management and Commissioning Management
Deficiency management in construction is crucial for a smooth construction process and completion. Our proficient measures include the identification, assessment, and prompt rectification of construction deficiencies. Our services in commissioning management in construction ensure a seamless transition from the construction phase to operational use. We follow a holistic approach that includes commissioning planning, coordination of interfaces, and documentation of expert inspections and maintenance.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
Our comprehensive consulting spans all phases of PPP projects, from planning to implementation. The integration of expertise from various disciplines is a key factor for the success and long-term sustainability of the properties or real estate portfolio. We calculate the maintenance needs to create a detailed needs analysis for the remaining term of the properties.

Master of Civil Engineering

DVP-certified Project Controller

Qualified Procurement Advisor (IK Bau NRW)