Inventory and

Building Damage Analysis


For groundbreaking decisions in the construction and real estate world, we rely on precise inventories and thorough building damage analyses. Our holistic approach integrates traditional inventories, specific due diligence processes, and innovative technologies for data collection.

Technical Due Diligence (Purchase Inspection)

  • Property inspection and condition analysis
  • Examination of permits and documentation
  • Assessment of technical risks
  • Cost estimates and budget planning (CapEx)
  • Report creation and recommendations

Inventory (As-Is Condition Analysis):
Our team conducts comprehensive inventories to document the current condition of buildings or infrastructure facilities. We not only capture the external condition but also analyze technical and structural details using advanced scanning technologies.

Building Damage Analysis
We conduct a detailed analysis of existing damages, whether due to construction defects, environmental influences, or other factors. Our team not only develops solutions but also provides recommendations for necessary repairs, renovations, or modernizations within the due diligence process.

Master of Civil Engineering

Specialized Engineer in HVAC

Safety and Health Coordinator (SIGEKO)